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GSO Care Residential Aged Care Software At A Glance

GSO Care Suite

GSO Care®

Aged Care Software Application Suite

GSO Care is a comprehensive resident care management suite of applications, with digital interfaces to the relevant government web sites, and an open API providing integration with third party products including Pluss Communities family member app and HDS kitchen management app.

Our point of difference is GSO Carer web app, the interface used to record the delivery of care.   Benefiting from our event driven design, GSO Carer displays real time individualised choices and directives per resident whilst enabling digital capture of events and observations, automatically linking to funding models and care plans, and generating alerts and exceptions if outside individual tolerances. We know recording resident data using GSO Care will afford carers massive productivity gains.  GSO Carer has eliminated agency staff or new employees being mindless of resident real needs.

Management reporting has not been overlooked.  Be it filtered by company, facility or wing, reporting is available for all resident assessments, care plans, individual resident choices and directives, complex health documents and directives, schedules, observations, audit questions, exceptions, alerts, progress notes, and resident funding status without the need to compose reports.
GSO Care Aged Care Software At A Glance

GSO Care Aged Care Software is EVENT driven, embracing Intelligent Automation to deliver Safe Quality Care.

An EVENT is any activity performed directly or indirectly as part of administering aged care.  

Events include activities of daily living, (clinical) pathways and external activities.

Events may be scheduled, with delivery time tolerances to allow for minor variations.  

Events may trigger scheduling of further events or pathways.

In GSO Care Aged Care Software System,

The following pages contain partial screen shots of the many (event driven) features of GSO Care.  Call to arrange a full demonstration.
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