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Aged Care Software Care Management Simulator

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Care Management Simulator

To view any of the live monitors, click on any icon below.

GSO Care has created a live, real time, event driven care management simulator, showcasing our use of intelligent automation.  The simulation consists of a provider with 2 facilities.  Both facilities are populated with cyber residents, all of whom have a range of care requirements and therefore varying funding levels.

Our cyber provider is Davarck Pty Ltd, and their 2 populated facilities are Pineapple Patch with 40 cyber residents and 4 empty beds, and Orange Grove with 21 cyber residents and 17 empty beds.  Our simulator runs 24/7.

Both facilities are fully staffed by GSO Cyber Bots, including RNs, EENs, PCAs, cleaning staff, laundry staff and kitchen staff.

The simulator is not interactive, because we don't want our cyber residents receiving inappropriate care!  However, we invite everyone to view our GSO Cyber Bots happily at work, caring for cyber residents, via management monitors.

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