Closing The Funding Gap In Residential Aged Care

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Closing The Funding Gap In Residential Aged Care

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Published by David Dupuy - C.E.O. GSO Care Pty Ltd in Aged Care Software · Tuesday 09 Feb 2021
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Closing The Funding Gap In Residential Aged Care

Excerpt from The Weekly Source, published February 4, 2021

“Graeme Croft tells Royal Commission that aged care COVID outbreaks were ‘joint failure’ of State and Federal Governments – 11% disparity in ACFI funding and nurse award costs.

Graeme points out that ACFI has increased just 5% over the five years between 2014 and 2019 while the nurses award has grown by 16%.”

Kathy Harding commented in LinkedIn, “Great submission, I hope it is all taken into account.”  

I agree with Kathy Harding - excellent submission by Graeme Croft, and hope.  Having had direct experience with governments and their budget process, one must know there will be a shortfall.  How does one compensate for the gap?

Or is there a gap? Our on-going research strongly indicates a disconnection between carers and supervisors.  Carers usually document when convenient and generally towards the end of their shift and most often in haste.  Supervisors and ACFI co-ordinators enquire of carers long after events to anecdotally describe care given, or search progress notes looking for clues.  Obviously, many fluctuations in care are missed. Little wonder there are issues.

There is no substitute for “notes taken at the time”, but how does one facilitate that without impacting care time.  The answer is to create a system that incorporates intelligent event driven automation.

With GSO Care Aged Care Software we have automated the process, including :

For a 90 bed facility :

• Every five minutes of care administration saved equates to 5 more minutes of care or around $30,000.00 per annum saved.

• ACFI appraisals can be managed by 1 part time person.

• Mandatory audits can be managed by 1 part time person.

• ACFI funding should increase by 7+%

For an 90 bed facility, the above translates to better than $400,000.00 per annum extra funding and costs saved.

With GSO Care residential aged care software, the funding shortfall diminishes to a minor issue.  For more information, please contact the author, or visit

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