The Fear Of Review Audits

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The Fear Of Review Audits

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Published by David Dupuy - C.E.O. GSO Care Pty Ltd in Aged Care Software · Saturday 12 Dec 2020
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Residential Aged Care - The Fear Of Review Audits

A review audit is an onsite assessment of the quality of care and services provided to aged care consumers (consumers) by an accredited service. It measures performance of an approved provider against all requirements of the Quality Standards. Review audits are conducted by an Assessment Team of at least two quality assessors.

Review audits may be arranged with notice to the approved provider of the service (announced) or without notice (unannounced).  

During the entry meeting the Assessment Team request certain key documents. These documents may be provided to the Assessment Team during the entry meeting if readily available but are expected to be provided within one hour of the conclusion of the entry meeting so as not to delay the conduct of the visit.

The Assessment Team also meet with at least 10% of the consumers of the service or their nominated representatives.

Many residential aged care providers fear review audits, especially unannounced. Panic is a common phenomena across organisations.  Quality managers rush from head office.  It’s only a rumor, of course, that “trained” managers guide the assessment team through “selected” documentation in the hope that non-compliance will not be uncovered in the 10% that must be viewed.

Surely EVERY resident deserves 100% compliance.

That is the achievable target set with GSO Care® aged care software.

Because GSO Care® is event driven, every activity is logged in real time and compared to assessed values and funding.  Changes create alerts both for immediate care and funding changes, all in real time.

Quality managers may rest easy and concentrate on quality.

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